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Well…hello! God has quite a sense of humor!

My name is Chuck Russell and this is my first blog post. Like most blogs, this one will be a work in progress. The main point of this endeavor is to share my personal experiences of giving five bucks (or whatever I can afford) to the homeless and then praying for them on the spot. I would like this site to be a place where others can share their stories of giving and ministering. Ultimately, I would like it to become a prayer network for the people on the street corners who have so much less than most of us do. Sharing photos, videos and talking about those we meet will be invaluable to them as well as to ourselves.  I would also like this blog to be an open forum for the raw discussion of what Christ means in our daily lives. This site is not sponsored by any church and donations will never be asked for. Save your money for those less fortunate or some other worthy cause; we’re just talking here. That’s all. Hopefully, we’ll be able to minister to each other. I believe we will. One final note to this post: I am not a social butterfly. Getting out of my car and praying for someone in public couldn’t be further from who I am. Only God has made this possible. He uses who He wants, and for some reason He has chosen to use a foul-mouthed, ill-tempered, deeply flawed man to start a prayer network for the homeless. God has quite a sense of humor. Go figure.

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